Welcome to the start of a series of meditation recordings using sound.

Sound can be your pathway to meditating without having to know how to meditate. And it doesn’t have to just be for meditation; sound can simply be your pathway to relaxation.

Each recording utilizes psycho-acoustic techniques to enhance your ability to meditate. The sounds can be natural, from acoustic instruments, synthesized, or sonically manipulated and deconstructed.

The purpose of these recordings is not an attempt to reproduce a sound bath experience- it’s not possible for a number of reasons, specifically because there is no way for you to experience natural analog waves being emitted by acoustic instruments in a natural space. Every recording is manipulated so the spirit of these is to be a tool for you to employ with the core principal being to promote meditation, relaxation, and introspective self exploration. Some recordings will incorporate specific themes like calm, restoration, or creativity, while others will be for general use whether it’s for sleep, travel or focus.

Give yourself a moment. Tune in. Connect.

Unwind Meditation Notes: Tuning forks

Clarity Meditation Notes: Koshi chimes

Being Present Meditation Notes: Synthesizer, Himalayan bowls, Sound manipulation

Stillness Meditation Notes: Crystal quartz singing bowls, Shruti box

Unfoldment (Letting Go) Meditation Notes: Crystal Quartz Bowls, Pacific Ocean

Journey Meditation Notes: Frame Drum


How do I purchase & acquire the recordings?

To purchase each meditation recording, click "Purchase" on the link above. You'll be directed to the proper page.

How do I add the meditations to my phone or tablet?

Download the Gumroad app and log into your account (your files will be stored there automatically). If you want to listen to the recordings offline slide the toggle to the right.


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Download the files to your desktop or laptop computer and add the files to your device
through My Files (for Android devices) or iTunes (for iOS devices).

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