We are all looking for ways to improve our health, find more balance, and acquire new perspective in our lives and my goal is to contribute to your path towards wellness.

I've spent the past 20+ years performing, recording and producing music, most of it professionally. Over the past seven years my pursuit has broadened and I began seeking out how music and, more importantly, how sound can dramatically shift our perspective, raise our consciousness, and even heal us. After all, sound precedes music—pure frequency becomes music through intention, the same way that consciousness becomes reality through the intention and expression of words and actions.

In 2011 I began studying shamanism and intuitive healing which eventually led me to a sound therapy certification program at the Open Center where I learned how to incorporate all my life experiences: of being a musician, working through my own personal challenges and my exploration of shamanism, combined with the long history of cultures around the world using sound to invoke healing and expand consciousness. I was fortunate to study with John Beaulieu, Sylvia Nakkach, and Ginger Clarkson, along with other great teachers in this field of sound therapy.


In 2014 I began NTM Sound as a way to share my knowledge and experience with others and began offering sound therapy treatments to individuals and sound baths for the community and started one of the first monthly sound bath programs in NYC at the Brooklyn Zen Center. Here I was able to facilitate the experience and also begin to contribute to many conversations about how sound can be utilized as a way to explore meditation and through these educational conversations help grow a greater awareness about sound therapy, and its benefits.

Currently, I lead regular sound bath meditations at Sky Ting Yoga and as faculty at MNDFL. I also facilitate workshops and sound baths for organizations and companies as part of wellness initiatives including Google, Unilever, Nike and a host of other companies. And as a public speaker specializing in conversations on sound therapy as a path to mindfulness and the art of deep listening. Most recently I created a sound therapy program of sound meditation recordings for WTHN.

We all have natural, intuitive ways our bodies react to sound and how our voices produce sound. With a little direction we can all uncover better ways to express ourselves- whether it be to release stress, reduce anxiety, lower our heart rate or strengthen our immune system—these can change our physiology and our whole being.

My objective is not only to provide a relaxing environment, but also to teach daily practices that people can do on their own to continue the work we've done together.

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