Sound Therapy Treatments

  • Includes a discussion of ailments and current state of being
  • Help define what is out of balance
  • Identify what is required to bring a sense of harmony and perspective

Private Sound Bath

Bathe in soothing sounds

Enter a relaxed state and give yourself the opportunity to "unplug" from life for a brief moment. When you awaken you will feel a sense of deep rest, a renewed vitality, and a fresh perspective on life.

Available to individuals, couples, and groups

Voice Expression

Use your voice

It's an instrument and a tool we use everyday but often we only use it to navigate through life without truly expressing how we feel. Here you will learn how to use your voice to process what you are feeling using vibration and sound in a safe environment. You don't have to be a singer. This can be a very transformative experience.


NTm-crystal tuners

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Follow Up Sessions

  • Expand on the work we've done
  • Further integration and learning
  • Depending on the issue between 3 and 5 follow up treatments are suggested to deepen the work