What Can I Expect In A One-On-One Treatment?


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I know how important it is to feel safe when we explore life challenges that we are ready to overcome. It's my goal to provide you with this environment so you can focus on allowing yourself to grow, heal, and change your life.

Sound therapy is both a passive and an active experience. The passive aspect is that you will be comfortably laying down with your eyes closed and allowing the sound frequencies to influence your whole being. Quite often you will fall into a deep state of rest and in some instances even fall asleep. The active aspect is that your whole being will actively respond to these frequencies which can help you move towards homeostasis by positively affecting your nervous system and assist in the rewiring of neural pathways.

Sound Bath

This experience is about you connecting with yourself and exploring different intentions while being guided by sound. The sounds are created by various instruments and can be incredibly helpful in assisting you with deep relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, and introducing greater clarity and feeling more grounded.

Sound Therapy

The initial consultation always begins with an overview of any health issues and/or concerns you have and would like to focus on. Once we get a better understanding of your story we can decide how to initiate the change you desire.

I always begin sessions by having you focus on slow intentional breathing so we can prepare you for the deep relaxation and begin to reconnect you with your own energetic field by utilizing some polarity therapy techniques . This way you can become more grounded and present. Throughout the treatment I utilize a variety of techniques incorporating sound therapy, my intuitive skills, and shamanic elements. Additionally at the end of the session, I will teach you techniques you can incorporate into your everyday life that will help to further the work we've just begun.

Difference between Sound Bath + Sound Therapy Treatment

For the sound bath you will be laying down comfortably on a slightly elevated long cushion with blankets, pillows and an eye mask. The sound therapy treatment also has you laying down comfortably but on an Earthlite massage table. The sound therapy treatment incorporates more energetic elements and while the primary tool is sound, it can be considered more an energetic treatment.

Completing Your Session

You will be given some time to re-acclimate and then we will have a final discussion about your experience.

Follow up sessions expand on the initial consultation and these sessions help with furthering the integration of the work.