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" A young and gifted practitioner whose work at venues like Sky Ting Yoga and Brooklyn Zen Center have made him a central figure in the growing sound healing movement." - Vogue, September 2016

"Nate Martinez is a pioneer in the emerging field of sound therapy. His work will transport you to a state of relaxed awareness. Great for sleep, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Try it and you'll be hooked." - Dr. Shari Auth, DACM, LAC, LMT

“As a hospice bereavement counselor, as well as an adjunct lecturer at Brooklyn College in the field of end of life, I am honored to recommend the fine work of Nate Martinez in sound therapy.  This treatment is remarkable in how quickly it relaxes the participant, and how long-lasting the effects are.  Nate recently spoke to my graduate students to educate them about this modality, and they found it to be positive and powerful.  We are also exploring the application of sound healing for work with individuals at the end of life to support their comfort, as well as with bereaved folks to offer a means to calm, center and move forward in their grief." - Debra Oryzysyn, MA, FT
Bereavement Counselor
Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Hospice and Palliative Care

"It felt very comfortable, nurturing and relaxing. I immediately felt at ease and in a "safe" space. I felt that the experience was eloquently explained prior to the treatment and ample time was given to talking through my needs and expectations. The therapy experience itself was powerful and profoundly energetic. In the moment it brought emotional release and sparked a renewed sense of clarity. It sparked an inner dialogue regarding clarity around personal issues and instilled the importance of self-care." - Natalia, freelance writer

"I felt engaged from the initial discussion; Nate is a great listener and asks questions that encourage you to reflect on your issue/what led you to experience sound therapy. Afterwards I felt relaxed - very and refreshed and relieved.  The regular breathing exercises he recommended were very helpful in changing my view and approach to daily life stress. I had a wonderful experience; it was calming and led me to be more introspective. I am very glad I went when I did." -Paula, digital marketing

"It was both soothing and disruptive at the same time, which seems contradictory, but as I experienced the session, it actually isn't contradictory at all.  The overall tone of the session was soothing and meditative but the reception of the sound vibrations was a protocol that I had never experienced before and it affected me on a very primal level that I couldn't really comprehend at that moment so I gave into it and tried to received the signals in a visceral way without trying to assess or analyze what I was feeling or thinking. I definitely felt like I was in a slightly altered state. I noticed afterwards that it did impact my sleep in a positive way." -Henry, freelance writer/musician

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"This was my first experience with sound therapy. I didn't really know what to expect but I went in very open because I really enjoy Reiki and I'm very intrigued by all forms of energy work. For me it sort of felt like a sleeping therapy session because, yes, I fell asleep. But I woke up with a bit more clarity and confidence. Putting that down on paper really makes me feel a bit nutty because I still don't understand how soothing sounds or vibrations can do that but whatever the impetus I will take it. I felt very relaxed and mentally recharged after my session. Perhaps I could have a session at the start of every morning." - Maria, artist/mother