Preparing to listen and meditate:

  • Switch your phone to airplane mode so there are no distractions
  • Do not listen while driving or operating any machinery
  • Try to use headphones, but if you are using speakers incorporate all of the sounds you hear in your home environment into your total listening experience, every sound is part of this meditation
  • Sit, or lay down in the most comfortable position possible that supports your body, and if you wear glasses remove them

Breathing, it’s important:

  • After pressing play begin with some deep but natural breaths inhaling through your nostrils exhaling through your mouth, beginning to connect with your breath’s natural rhythm
  • When the sound ends continue connecting to your breath sitting in silence until you’re ready to return to your daily activities
  • Whatever thoughts or feelings arise during this meditation try your best to meet them with an openness and compassion and connect with your breath to encourage release