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Vocal Toning


Vocal toning is a practice in which you use your voice to create extended vocal tones on a single vowel sound. It is connected to Nada Yoga, an ancient Indian metaphysical system. When you tone you create a vibration within the body. Each different vowel sound, or seed syllable, is intended to affect a different part of your physical body and also your subtle body, or chakra system. This practice helps to awaken your inner silence and expand your ability to hear with more clarity- within you and also in your external environment.

Toning is not about singing. There is no melody, rhythm, or harmony- only the sound of the vibrating breath. It’s important to understand that there is no right note to tone with. The key here is using your own intuition to find the right tone that you need and almost every time it’s the first sound that comes to you.

This meditative practice has the ability to enhance your listening abilities, open up energetic channels through vibration, expand and strengthen your sense of communication.

Week 1: Hum (mmm)
Week 2: Ah
Week 3: Ay (eye)
Week 4: Ee
Week 5: Oh
Week 6: Oo

Important Notes:
    + Never force the tone or breath
+ Never tone for more than 20 minutes
    + Don’t drive or operate any machinery while toning
    + If you ever feel dizzy or any pain then stop
    + Openly explore different sounds, there are no rules

A Week Long Exercise using the tone:

Day 1- 15-20 minutes
Do normal activities, walking, moving, working, exercising, anywhere
Day 2- 20 minutes
    Sitting comfortably- 10 minutes eyes open, then 10 minutes eyes closed    
Day 3- 20 minutes
Laying down with back on the floor in a comfortable position, eyes open for 10 min, then eyes closed for 10 min
Day 4- 20 minutes
Standing still for 10 minutes with a soft, fixed gaze, then 10 minutes standing and using subtle intuitive body movements
Day 5- 20 minutes
Exploring your own aspects of the tone for first 10 minutes, then sitting comfortably with the tone for 10 minutes

For this exercise journal each day and write about your experience. Take note if you had any sensations: tingling, hot/cold, pain, memories, emotions. 


Swiss Scientist Hans Jenny explaining the study of wave phenomena known as cymatics. Notice how matter is influenced by frequency. It's simple physics and gives us a greater understanding of how sound and vibration influence and affect all matter, including us on a cellular/molecular level.