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Breathe Salt Room- Salt + Sound

  • Breathe Salt Room

Imagine sinking in to a “bath” of soothing sounds that take you on an inner journey of relaxation and transformation. By using frequency and “entrainment,” a sound bath facilitates a shift in brainwaves from our normal waking state to alpha and theta states that are akin to meditation—where true somatic healing can occur. This is paired with salt therapy for a relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating experience.

$50 advance/$60 day of

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Election Night Sound Bath

  • Brooklyn Yoga Club

Special Sound Bath at the Brooklyn Yoga Club.

Sound Bath begins promptly at 7pm

Registration is free for this event until capacity is reached.

More Info from Eddie Stern of Brooklyn Yoga Club:

Starts at 7pm until Trump loses. This has been the most ridiculously idiotic election cycles in our lifetime, right? No one wants to sit around getting depressed about this stuff. So we are going to have a party. Free sound bath at 7pm to get everyone calm for the election results to start dribbling in; chai, Indian snacks and sweets in the cafe; vegan marshmallow and smores roasting on the outdoor deck. The big screen will be set up in the yoga studio after the sound bath, so you can watch the election results come in either sitting on a cushion, or standing on your head. Heck, maybe we'll even have a midnight yoga class.

Please RSVP to: eddiestern@mac.com

Please put "Election Night Sound Bath" in subject line and reply YES

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A Day Of Healing

Yoga, Sound, Art, Pilates + Healing

Governor's Island, New York City

Sound Meditation- 11-11:30am

This event is free

Here is more INFO