Beltane- The Wheel Of The Year

It's May 1, also known as Beltane throughout Irish and Scottish mythology and history. The word in Celtic means "bright fire" and connotes the time between spring and summer. It's a time of cultivation and preparation to make the most of the warmer seasons, especially in our human history when survival of crops was essential and the concept of a surplus was unimaginable.

As we've developed over time the importance of this date has waned for many but there's still an important takeaway- in shamanism we are considered to be dreaming our life into being. And from a creative standpoint every decision we make affects our desired outcome. So in the spirit of this day and dreaming your life into being, take a moment to think about something you would like to bring into your life, big or small. Set an intention but don't assume you can just take this one moment. In order to grow any garden you need to tend to it and so try to factor that into your intention. Ask yourself how you can revisit this intention and continue to provide it the energy it needs to become something greater than a singular thought, or a lofty idea. Create your own ritual and when I say this I mean it entirely in a non-denominational way. This day represents bringing the element of fire into the moment and harnessing it's transforming energy.

Now consider one last thing if you want to explore this practice- pair it with sound. Connect your meditation and intention to the sound of your voice. Not by singing (that is ok) but even just in the form of an Om. Eyes closed, deep breath and connect the breath to sound.